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Retail and Consumer Insight & Intelligence
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Founded in 2006, RETAIL EYE is a leading independent equity research and consulting firm providing insight and intelligence to institutional investors to make faster and smarter investment decisions. We take an objective approach to monitoring and analyzing the short and long-term performance and brand value of companies in the retail, apparel and consumer industries.  We also provide tangential analysis and insights on the REIT industry.  We work with a select group of clients to ensure accessibility and a high level of service and support.

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RETAIL EYE's research approach combines qualitative and quantitative primary data to identify inflection points of change and the underlying reasons why those changes are occurring. RETAIL EYE uses real time observations from store walks, consumer behavior and sentiment tracking, website monitoring and analysis of company fundamentals to allow investors to make informed investment decisions.  RETAIL EYE provides direct coverage on the retail and consumer goods industries, as well as tangential insights and implications for the REIT industry.

RETAIL EYE's research focus is to identify short-term performance changes, track competitive landscape dynamics, assess ongoing brand health and sentiment, monitor the acceptance and progress of longer-term strategic initiatives, and find disruptors to consumer behavior and/or the retail experience. We act as an extension of your team to provide real-time insights for your investment mosaic.

RETAIL EYE’s research is based on a conflict free mosaic approach and does not utilize material non-public information. 

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RETAIL EYE offers strategic advisory and consulting services to retailers, consumer brands and financial sponsors.  We use qualitative experience and partner it with data analytics to unlock key insights and opportunities for our clients. 


We can analyze the value of any brand to evaluate its strength and potential in the eyes of the consumer.  We work with senior leaders to formulate plans to accelerate growth through brand extensions, acquisitions and marketing rationalization that all fit within the company’s strategic framework. We ensure the corporate strategy is centered around what the consumer wants, not what the company thinks the consumer wants.  ​​

Areas of expertise include customer understanding, company and competitive analysis, marketing and branding strategies, retail merchandising and operational strategies, communications strategies, and corporate finance /due diligence support.​​


The RETAIL EYE team is led by Lisa Walters.


Lisa co-founded RETAIL EYE in 2006 and remains active in researching, analyzing and reporting on all companies in the RETAIL EYE coverage universe.


Lisa is a retail and consumer behavior expert, highly sought after on Wall Street for her qualitative performance analysis of companies within the retail and consumer goods industries. Lisa is a fortuneteller, seeing and anticipating trends others may miss. She is very observant and thoughtful about the implications for today, next week, next season and next year.


Lisa has extensive retail and consumer knowledge and experience garnered from her 25+ year career working with and for leading companies in the retail and consumer goods sectors. Lisa spends her time in stores and online monitoring and analyzing real-time retail performance, changes in consumer behavior, social media brand sentiment and emerging consumer and industry trends. She has visited and analyzed over 75,000 stores and over 300 malls in various locations in North America and Europe. 

Prior to co-founding RETAIL EYE, Lisa was Executive Director of Strategy and Business Development at Linens 'n Things, Inc. In this role, she was responsible for proprietary brand development, licensed brand management and new concept testing. Prior to joining Linens 'n Things, Lisa worked for nine years in Investment Banking transitioning as a VP-Consumer & Retail at Bear Stearns.  

Lisa received her B.A. with Distinction from Cornell University and received her M.B.A. with Honors from the Stern School of Business at New York University. Lisa serves as a mentor and judge for the NYU New Venture Competition, an undergraduate mentor for Cornell University and MBA program mentor for the Stern School. Lisa also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Junior League of Albany and is an Advisory Board member to Basc Partners, a strategic marketing and brand management consulting firm.


Retail and Consumer Insight & Intelligence
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